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"Assume The Feeling Of The Wish Fulfilled"

Robert Copeland began playing piano at the age of 5. Recognizing his natural talent, his parents enrolled him in piano lessons at the age of 10 with Wilna Morgan of the Juilliard School. 


After finishing High School, Robert attended Washington University in St. Louis, where he earned a Master's degree in piano performance and education. During his first year, at age 18, he toured as harpsichordist and pianist for the St. Louis Symphony with a series of performances at New York’s famed Carnegie Hall. 

Following university, he studied Music Production and Audio Engineering at Ohio State University.


During his years in Hollywood, Robert worked closely with such legendary artists and producers as Billy Preston, Ed Townshend, Bruce Fisher, Kitaro, Bernie Taupin, Elton John, Cher, and Liza Minnelli, among others. He worked as a consultant and editor for record labels Warner Music and SONY Music, as well as music artists Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Paul Cooper, Jim Messina, Joe Walsh, Dion Estus, George Michael, Whitney Houston, Kenny Loggins, Billy Joel, and others. He also produced Danny James' top 10 dance hit "Skin Party".


Additionally, Robert has been designing and administering music education courses and Masterclasses in Asia for the past 20 years, while serving as managing Director of Recording Arts Workshops, now a subsidiary of C & P Entertainment.


In 2014, he began cooperating with LumiVoce, a Hong Kong charity fund founded by vocal artist Dr. Liu Yingying (Liu Chi's daughter), and created a series of music albums with the theme of environmental conservation and protection, such as "Wanwu (All Living Things)", “Lingxi (Breath of Life)”, “Guyu” (Ancient Whisper) and most recently, a new release, “Spirit of the Mountain”, all of which have won high praise. 


Since the second half of 2019, Robert & his management company, C & P Entertainment, have been committed to the research and practice of integrating Chinese and Western music, and interpreting traditional Chinese culture with borderless music language, thereby releasing the 24 Solar Terms Series of original musical works. 

These distinctive works have been published in mainstream media including and People's Daily Online, and have won high praise. 

In March 2020, Robert signed on as a producer with the Ximalaya platform to release the healing music series "Sound Therapy Heart Language" at the frequency of one new original music composition per week.


In July of 2020, Robert co-wrote and produced the song "Heroes Not Afraid" with lyricist Zhang Huizhu. In recognition of this song’s excellence, the China Association of Health Management and the National Health Committee of the Association for Vocal Music presented the "Angel Special Award" to Robert. The song also won the " Provincial Warm Heart Salute Example" public welfare song exhibition award jointly organized by the Shandong Federation of Literature and Art Circles, Shandong Radio and Television Stations, Shandong Performing Arts Group and the Shandong Musicians Association. 


In November 2020, Robert was officially registered on Xinhua, and regularly releases his 24 Solar Terms series every 2 weeks, while he continues to adapt well-known domestic songs, and public welfare songs for fighting against epidemics and poverty alleviation. 


In August 2021, Robert signed a contract with Xinhuahao and became a founding member of the "Xinhuahao World Music Alliance” and assisted in the preparation of the alliance.

2022 brought "Winter On Fire", a Robert Copeland original song, commissioned for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

In mid 2022, Robert signed on as composer for Chinese Heritage Group's innovative multimedia production of "Su Wu Mu Yang".


Robert’s melodic concepts continue to be a unique way of recognizing the glorious musical heritage of the Far East while bringing cultures together in harmony and mutual appreciation for musical expression.

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