The response to the Solar Terms Music Series has been overwhelmingly positive. This 24-part series, conceived by Lucas Lyu (C & P Entertainment), will give you my musical ideas of ancient concepts of seasons  in the Far East. To listen and watch, subscribe to my YouTube Channel below. If you are in China, you can view the series at                  and

In traditional China, the 24 solar terms classify the whole year into 24 phases- in order- in accordance to the earth's climatic change caused by the movement of the earth around the sun. Each phase lasts approximately half a month; therefore 24 phases are included in 12 months.
The solar terms include 24 phases hereinafter:
立春 Spring begins. 雨水 The rains. 惊蛰 Insects awaken. 春分 Vernal Equinox. 清明 Clear and bright. 谷雨 Grain rain. 立夏 Summer begins. 小满 Grain buds. 芒种 Grain in ear. 夏至 Summer solstice. 小暑 Slight heat. 大暑 Great heat. 立秋 Autumn begins. 处暑 Stopping the heat. 白露 White dews. 秋分 Autumn Equinox. 寒露 Cold dews. 霜降 Hoar-frost falls. 立冬 Winter begins. 小雪 Light snow. 大雪 Heavy snow. 冬至 Winter Solstice. 小寒 Slight cold. 大寒 Great cold.
I will post my original musical concept of each term, as it happens throughout this year.
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